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Red Hat has told certified administrators that they need to recertify by Christmas – or else.

A monday post from Director of Certification Randy Russell pointed out that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linux slinging team extended the validity of certifications and allowed exams to be canceled and / or postponed.

The IBM-owned distribution giant has also launched a remote exam facility so that even those locked out or unwilling to venture to an exam facility can take Red Hat’s tests.

Now the business has decided its month-long postponements and renewals must end. Current certifications will expire on December 31, 2021 unless renewed.

Those of you who want to dare to take part in the recertification and have bought exams for it have been given a little more time. Those whose exams expire between September 8th and 30th, or anytime in October, have an additional 60 days to take the test.

Exams that have to be taken by the end of November have a 30-day grace period. But that’s about it: Red Hat has warned candidates not to offer any further enhancements and that being late could cause problems.

“Since we do not expect to offer additional renewals, we expect a high volume of exams by year-end,” wrote Russell. He therefore encouraged candidates “to plan as soon as possible to avoid having to purchase a new exam due to the expiration of an exam that has already been purchased”.

When The registry Covering vendor certifications, readers often feel that the certificates are not worth the paper they are written on because hands-on experience is a better indicator of skills. Another way of looking at certifications suggests that it is essentially a racket that allows vendors to pull more money away from users and service providers.

The counter-argument from vendors generally suggests that individuals and service organizations who claim to have expertise in a product or technology should be willing to invest in certifications to demonstrate their capabilities. ®

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