8 ways to open MSConfig in Windows 11


MSConfig (also known as System Configuration) is a handy troubleshooting utility that has been part of Windows since 1998. You can use this handy tool to reconfigure the startup of your operating system by changing the startup settings and disabling (or by activating) the services. By doing so, you can stop conflicting programs or services from within Windows.

You can fix many issues that arise in Windows 11 with system configuration. When a game does not start, for example, opening and changing the MSConfig settings may resolve the issue. As such, here are eight different ways to open MSConfig in Windows 11.

1. Open MSConfig with Run

Run is a built-in accessory with which you can launch many Windows tools. You can open MSConfig with this accessory by entering a quick command for it. Here’s how to open MSConfig with Run.

  1. First, open the WinX menu by pressing the button Win + X key combination.
  2. To select To run in the menu to open its window.
  3. Type msconfig in the text box.
    The Run accessory
  4. Click on Okay to display the system configuration window.

The Windows Search Utility provides a quick and easy way to find and launch most of the built-in tools and accessories. You can find and launch MSConfig in no time with the search box. To do so, just follow these quick steps.

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon on the taskbar to display a search box.
  2. Type the keyword MSConfig in the search box to find the system configuration.
    Msconfig search
  3. Click System Configuration in the search results to open MSConfig.
  4. Or click Execute as administrator for system configuration on the right side of the search box.


3. Open MSConfig with the Windows terminal

Windows Terminal is an application that integrates both command prompt and PowerShell. You can open MSConfig with these two command line tools in the same way as with Run. If you prefer to use command line utilities, here is how you can open MSConfig through Windows terminal.

  1. Right click on Start and select Windows Terminal (administrator) On the menu.
  2. If a UAC prompt appears, select the Yes option on it.
  3. Click it Open a new tab button and select the Windows PowerShell Where Command Prompt utility that you prefer.
    The Open New Tab button
  4. Then type msconfig in a PowerShell or Command Prompt tab, and press the Enter key to open.
    The msconfig command

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4. Open MSConfig with the file explorer

Explorer is Windows’ built-in file management utility from which you can launch software and tools. You can open MSConfig from its System32 folder or by entering text in the explorer path box. Either way, here’s how to bring up MSConfig via the file explorer.

  1. Tap the convenient explorer Win + E keyboard shortcut to open this file manager.
  2. Click in the path bar of the explorer folder and delete the text there.
  3. Then press msconfig in the folder path bar and press the button To return to key.
    File Explorer Folder Path Bar
  4. Otherwise, open the MSConfig folder to its C:> Windows> System32 path. Then you can click msconfig in this folder to open system setup.

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5. Open MSConfig with the task manager

Task Manager is Windows 11’s system resource manager, which provides an overview of processes. You can also open MSConfig through this utility by selecting its Run New Task option. This option opens a Create a new task window, which is very similar to the Run accessory. Follow these steps to open MSConfig from Task Manager.

  1. Display Task Manager by right-clicking To start up and selecting it from the WinX menu.
  2. Click it To file menu in Task Manager.
  3. Select the Execute a new task option.
  4. Type msconfig within the Open box there.
    The Create a new task window
  5. You can also select a Create this task with administrative privileges option there.
  6. Select the Okay option to bring up MSConfig.

6. Open MSConfig with Cortana

Cortana is your digital assistant in Windows 11 with which you can launch both third-party software and system tools. It’s a pretty cool app that accepts both text and voice (voice) commands to launch software and tools. You can open MSConfig with Cortana like this.

  1. Click on Cortana’s round, circle icon in your taskbar.
  2. Type open MSConfig in the Ask Cortana box.
    The Cortana app
  3. Then press the Enter key to start the system configuration.
  4. If your PC’s microphone is activated, you can also give a voice command by clicking the button Talk to Cortana button. Then say “open MSConfig” to ask Cortana to start the system setup.
    The Talk to Cortana button

Configuring a desktop, taskbar, or start menu shortcut for MSConfig will give you a more direct way to start system setup. When you have created a desktop shortcut for MSConfig, you can move it to the taskbar or pin it to the Start menu. This is how you can configure a shortcut on the MSConfig desktop in Windows 11.

  1. Right-click on an area of ​​your wallpaper and select New > Shortcut from the context menu.
  2. Type msconfig in the localization area.
    Create a new shortcut
  3. To select Following proceed.
  4. Enter MSConfig in the shortcut title text box.
  5. Click on To finish to add the new MSConfig shortcut.

You can now click on the MSConfig desktop shortcut whenever you need to open System Setup. If you prefer it on the taskbar, right-click on the shortcut and select Show more options > Pin to taskbar. Otherwise, select the Pin to start option to add an MSConfig shortcut to the start menu.

The system configuration window and the taskbar shortcut

8. Configure an MSConfig keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows system tools are even more convenient than those for the desktop. When you have configured a shortcut on the MSConfig desktop, you can also give it a keyboard shortcut. Then you can press a System Setup hotkey whenever you need this tool. You can establish an MSConfig keyboard shortcut as follows.

  1. First, add an MSConfig shortcut to the desktop as shown in the seventh method.
  2. Right click on the MSConfig shortcut on your desktop and select Properties to see the Shortcuts tongue.
  3. Click inside the Shortcut key box.
  4. hurry M to establish a Ctrl + Alt + M key combination for the system configuration tool.
    The shortcut key box
  5. To select Apply to register the new keyboard shortcut.
  6. Click on Okay to exit the shortcut properties window.

Now press the Ctrl + Alt + M keys at the same time to launch MSConfig. Remember that the keyboard shortcut depends on the desktop shortcut you applied it to. So, you will need to keep the MSConfig shortcut on the desktop to use the keyboard shortcut.

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Troubleshoot Windows 11 issues with MSConfig

So there are different ways to open MSConfig in Windows 11. If you want the most direct access to system setup, configure a desktop, taskbar, start menu or keyboard shortcut for it. Whichever method you choose to open it, you will find that MSConfig is a handy troubleshooting utility for disabling unnecessary third-party startup items and changing startup options. System configuration Tools The tab also includes a list of handy shortcuts to open many other built-in utilities.

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