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SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – With the Great New York State Fair back in action, show goers can expect many changes this year.

One of them is a new cashless system for tickets and parking.

You can buy your entry tickets or parking permit online before your arrival or pay on site with a credit or debit card.

“We went cashless in both the parking lots and at the gates so you can pay for your parking space once you get here but you have to pay with a credit card or you can buy it online but you either have to buy your tickets from one Kiosk at Gates 1 or 10 or buy your tickets online, ”said Exhibition Director Troy Waffner.

Waffner added that these changes were already planned but now serve as an additional COVID-19 security measure.

“Yes, you know, in 2020, when we weren’t sure whether we had a trade fair or not, we were moving in this system like many large venues at that point in time is not a clean thing at first, but then contact between people, ”he said.

QR codes will also be posted at Gates 1 and 10 so people can scan with their phone for a direct link to buy tickets on-line.

Admission is $ 3 and is free for children 12 years old and over and those 65 and over. Cash is still accepted inside the fair at the vendors and in the center.

As far as the previous functionality of the systems is concerned, the trade fair visitors reacted mixed.

“I don’t mind the QR code, but maybe swiping a card would have been a little quicker than entering everything, but it was fine,” said Tiffany Wood.

“I’m just the type of person who prefers to pay cash,” said Mike McCaffrey.

“We bought our tickets online beforehand and it was a very easy process and it was very easy to just show the tickets and it was super easy,” said Terri Lasky.

But Waffner said they hope these efforts will help keep you and your family safe and get to the show faster.

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