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Japanese tech giant NTT Group will allow its 320,000 employees to work remotely.

The company announced yesterday that it will promote “a new management style suitable for a decentralized network society” to respond to post-COVID realities.

The plan applies worldwide and calls on NTT staff to work from home if they wish. Another option will be to work in one of more than 260 new offices the company plans to establish in regional areas across Japan, or other decentralized offices around the world. These new offices will replace facilities in major metropolitan areas, as NTT seeks to play its role in revitalizing regional economies. These new offices will provide 1.5 times more space per person than NTT’s current premises.

The plan also calls for an end to staff outsourcing, as well as the hiring of staff who will work remotely from day one.

The mega-company knows it can’t flip a switch and achieve it: Its presentation to staff and shareholders revealed that it has started migrating to the cloud and zero-trust security implementations to create an environment of appropriate work to be completed in fiscal year 2023. Support projects aim to make the company paperless and reduce its carbon footprint.

The transformation agenda appears to apply across the entire NTT Group – so even NTT Data Corporation (the artist formerly known as Dimension Data) will be affected by the change, along with telecommunications and other operations. of the group.

NTT’s annual report for 2020 says it employs 320,000 people, nearly double the ~ 163,000 that Microsoft counted in its corresponding document.

We mention this data because it shows that NTT’s decisions matter globally. They are also very new to Japan, where remote working was unusual before the pandemic.

In related news, NTT also announced that it has committed to providing PSTN voice calls in Microsoft Teams – an offering called “Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams”. ®


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