New Linux laptop with RTX 3080 graphics card and 17-inch 144Hz display released


Linux fans love games too, and the Juno Neptune 17-inch V3 laptop, which was unveiled this week, ensures Ubuntu users can play their favorite games on the go. The new laptop, which rivals Alienwares, Asus ROG, and other Windows-focused gaming brands, features a discrete RTX 3080 graphics card and an 8-core Intel Core i7-11800H processor. It also has a 17.3-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, so you can enjoy all the action. The set is completed by a colorful illuminated keypad.

The laptop starts at $ 2,225 for an RTX 3070 and goes up to $ 3,372 for the maximum amount of RAM and storage (64GB and 2TB, respectively). The same system at most with an RTX 3080 costs $ 3,699. Note that both graphics cards use Nvidia’s Max-Q form factor, which allows for thinner systems but may result in a slight reduction in performance. On the plus side, the 17-inch Neptune V3 is only 0.78-inch thick, which is pretty balanced for a gaming laptop. So how does this galactic clapper compare to its Windows counterparts? ? I tried to find a 17 inch Alienware to compare with the Neptune, but the RTX 3080 version seems to be out of stock. This was also the case with Asus’ 17-inch RTX 3080 options.

Juno Computers is a London-based company that focuses exclusively on systems with Ubuntu preinstalled. It sells both desktops and laptops, including gaming and non-gaming options. The brand also sells some 15in with 240Hz displays, (including the 15in Neptune V3 released alongside this 17-inch version), but the new 17-inch Neptune V3 is the company’s most expensive system.

I found a 17-inch pair powered by RTX 3080 from MSI and Gigabyte, but 300Hz displays increase their price. The MSI GS76 Stealth starts at $ 3,020.99. And that’s with just 32GB of RAM. The Gigabyte laptop has half the RAM and storage as the Neptune and starts at $ 2,149 after rebate.

Of course, there are even more options. System76’x Oryx Pro already costs $ 3,907 with the same specs as the 17-inch Neptune V3, but it also lets you add additional storage, DVD player, and mechanical keyboards.

PC gamers have been battling the GPU shortage for over a year. Buying prefabricated systems remains one of the easiest ways to get your hands on current generation parts. And in general, the 17-inch form factor seems to get less attention than the 15-inch versions, so it’s nice to see Linux users getting a new 17-inch gaming laptop as well.

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  • New Linux laptop with RTX 3080 graphics card and 17-inch 144Hz display released
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