Merrill Edge Review – Forbes Consultant



Merrill Edge’s offering includes the standard line of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds and options. It also provides a sustainable investment screener that lists investments that specifically meet environmental, social, or governance (ESG) characteristics.

However, this online brokerage doesn’t offer a wide range of more advanced assets. There is no access to cryptocurrency, foreign exchange (forex) or futures trading. There is no access to international markets or penny stocks for stocks. After all, there is no fractional stock trading, so you can only buy a stock if you can afford a full stock.

Merrill Edge offers a cash management account to keep your uninvested cash on hand. Cash in this program earns interest and can be accessed by debit cards and checks. You can also set up automatic sweeps that check your investment account for unused cash and transfer them to the cash management account.

Finally, Merrill Edge offers advisory services under the Merrill Guided Investing Robo-Advisor. There are two options: a fully automated robo-advisor and a version that offers face-to-face advice with a live financial advisor.

The standard robo-advisor option has an annual advisory fee of 0.45% with a minimum investment of $ 1,000. To get access to live financial advisors, you’ll need a minimum investment of $ 20,000 and an annual advisory fee of 0.85%. Both fees are higher than comparable services offered by the top platforms in the Forbes Advisor ranking of the best robo-advisors.



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