How to fix “Windows 10 task manager not working” issue


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Check how to fix “Windows 10 task manager not working” issue

Task Manager is a system monitoring program that provides information about the general condition of your desktop and the programs and processes running on it. It can be used to force quit certain programs and applications and bring your computer out of a no-response state. You can also change process priorities using this utility and view running applications and services at startup.

This utility also displays detailed information about your processor, memory, local drives, and Internet connection. It is present in almost all versions of the Microsoft operating system. Some users reported problems accessing the task manager. Either he didn’t respond or they couldn’t figure out how to throw it. We have listed a number of solutions to help you resolve your issue.

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator

When you try to open Task Manager I get: Has Task Manager been disabled by your admin message? If so, you can contact your administrator with your issue. You can also refer to this article for how to enable or disable Task Manager.

You can use our free Fix Win tool to easily fix this task manager issue. You will see the settings in the system tools.

Task Manager is unresponsive for some other reason

But if you are the only user of the computer and still receive this message or a message like Task Manager not responding, you can try the following suggestions:

First, open reedit and navigate to the following key:

Here, if you find a Disable Task Mgr registry key, just delete the key or set its value to 0.

You can also type gpedit.msc in Start Search and press Enter to open Group Policy.

Right click on it> Edit> Select Not Configured> Click Apply-OK-Exit.

Restart the computer and see if that helps!

Other things you can try to troubleshoot task manager issues:

  • Malware can prevent Task Manager from opening. Therefore, you may want to erase junk files from your PC and then run a full or deep scan with your antivirus or security software.
  • Check out this article about missing folder options, task manager disabled, Regedit disabled.
  • Run the System File Checker by running sfc / scannow and see if that helps.
  • Try the Remove Restrictions or Reactivate tool to reactivate your task manager.

If all else fails, you may need to perform a repair, install Windows 7, or reset Windows 11/10. If that’s not an option you want to consider, you can use Sysinternals’ Process Explorer or Tech Net’s Custom Task Manager to accomplish the same goal.

Final words: How to fix “Windows 10 task manager not working” issue

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