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It’s hard enough to create branded content that delivers a memorable customer experience in one language. Doing this for multiple languages, regions and cultures can seem like an impossible challenge. Global marketing teams need special content tools to manage the needs of audiences and teams around the world.

With a digital asset management (DAM) system, you get a central hub for accessing global content, managing localized content at scale, and insight into content performance across all channels. Here’s a closer look at how DAM can support your overall content strategy.

Create a central hub for access to global content

The more your business is spread across multiple locations, the more important it is to have a central hub for accessing global content. Using FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, USB drives, and other scattered storage methods leads to content inefficiencies, security holes, and potentially brand-damaging errors.

With a DAM system, your teams around the world have secure and authorized access to the same files to create, work and share with partners. Using a DAM solution as a central hub for accessing content ensures that you are all working with the same file versions on the most recent product launch or marketing campaign. DAM is a crucial tool that global companies like Harman International have used to support the rapid growth of business units around the world.

World victories:

  • Manage access to global content and user permissions through a central hub;
  • Increase collaboration between teams; no days of waiting for teams on the other side of the world to respond to a request;
  • Work on the most recent content versions in all time zones; files are not stored on local servers and hard drives.

Manage localized content at scale

Managing content for a local audience is one of the biggest challenges for global organizations. Your content should be designed and then adapted for different places, regions and languages. With the right DAM platform, it is possible to extend this effort across teams and efficiently produce material for your local audience.

Widen’s DAM solution, Widen Collective®, comes with two features that make it easier to manage localized content: Templates and Portals. Templates allow teams to modify certain aspects of marketing materials (like sell sheets and brochures) to meet local needs while remaining brand loyal and saving time for regional creative teams. Portals make it easy to share organized groups of assets with partners or external teams, using appropriate language, messaging, and assets.

World victories

  • Use portals to share and distribute localized content;
  • Create templates that teams can use to localize brand content;
  • Set permissions for user groups based on region that only displays content approved for use by a specific region.

If you’re interested in learning more about localized content, find out how Elsevier, a global information analytics company, is using the Collective to streamline its global marketing workflow and translate its content into multiple languages.

Quantify content performance with

It takes a significant investment to produce compelling, high-quality content. Using a DAM solution can help you understand how this content is used across regions and works across different channels. This gives you insight into your top performing assets, including the most viewed, downloaded, and shared files.

Brooks Running and Hootsuite both use share and embed codes to measure the performance of content across different channels. They each use the Collective to distribute their content across all channels and understand how it works.

World victories

  • Understand the use of the system in all regions for content strategy and usage optimization;
  • Coordinate global workflows for creation, verification and approval;
  • Disseminate the content of the Collective on different channels (eg social) and understand the performance.

DAM is an essential tool for global marketing teams

Your global marketing team needs to deliver the right content, to the right customer at the right time, no matter where your audience is in the world. This kind of sophistication requires effective collaboration across regions and time zones, which is only possible with a central hub for accessing global content. This is where DAM software comes in.

Global brands like Crayola, New Balance and Energizer all trust Widen Collective for their global content exploitation needs. Take a moment to see why their global marketing organizations all rely on the Widen Collective for DAM.

By Nate Holmes, Product Marketing Manager, Widen, An Acquia Company


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