5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Email Newsletter


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There’s a common saying you’ll hear from marketers: spend as much time promoting your content as you are creating it. This also applies to your email newsletter. As an important part of your marketing program, the emails you send to your list cost time, effort, and money.

Despite the resources that email newsletters require, 81 percent of marketers say it These types of emails are the primary form of content marketing that they use. It makes sense considering the average person spends up to Check emails 5 hours a day.

Email is the most important communication channel for companies. However, it is not enough to write great emails to get the results you want. If your goal is to increase brand awareness and ROI, you also need to make every effort to let people know about your email newsletter.

Here are a few tips to help spread the word.

1. Use more than one registration form on your website

Of course, a registration form is a must on your website, but why only one registration form? It would surprise you how many business websites have newsletter subscriptions to look for. Don’t let web visitors search. Instead, the registrations should appear in different places.

Popups are notoriously annoying too, but they work. AWeber reported that an email marketer a 1.375% more email subscriptions with pop-ups.

Think about the sign-up popups that were effective in getting you to subscribe. Chances are they weren’t annoying or overly intrusive. Copy their technique if you decide to use a popup on your platform.

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2. Promote your newsletter on social media

You own your email list, but social media isn’t that straightforward. Some brands have left the platform and almost all have seen a noticeable decrease in reach. However, when someone subscribes to your newsletter, your emails will be sent straight to their inbox, provided you follow best practices.

These are great reasons to let your social media followers know about your newsletter. For example, you can use your Twitter and Instagram About sections to post a link to your email registration form. You can also add regular posts to your social media calendar promoting your newsletter.

Ideally, your email content will be different and more detailed than what you post on social media. This creates an incentive for people to sign up. Of course, tell people what they’re missing out on if they don’t subscribe.

3. Mention your newsletter when you are interviewed

PR can be game changing, and if you play your cards right, you can maximize all of your coverage. By being present in the media you can communicate your brand in a positive light. Besides that, what if you could get your audience to subscribe to your newsletter?

Every time you are interviewed, find an angle to mention your email. If you’re a guest on a podcast or webinar, it’s easy to do. If they appear in print, additional strategy may be required. Most interviews, however, are opportunities for you to promote aspects of your business. One aspect might be your email, if that’s what you’re focusing on.

Bonus tip: Your call-to-action will be more attractive if your newsletter contains an exciting offer. Make it as dynamic and useful as possible for that particular audience.

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4. Post notices about the newsletter wherever you can

If you have stores or physical locations, there are many ways to promote your newsletter. Wherever your website or phone number is mentioned, add a note “sign up for our newsletter”.

Where else could you mention the newsletter? The sky is the limit. You could have signs on cash registers or money wraps, LED tickers, any printed matter, and even blackboards. One overlooked point that takes very little effort is to add a note on each receipt.

Also, don’t forget to double-check every email address you add to your list and make sure it’s real. I signed up for newsletters at several stores only to never receive an email from them. Your subscriber may make a typo or the contact collector may misread the address and enter it incorrectly in the system. Use a real-time email validator to make sure you Reach your customers.

5. Use word of mouth to your advantage

One of the most effective ways to promote your email newsletter is through your readers. If you create something of value, they can tell like-minded people – but to get them to do it, you need to remind them that they can.

So include a note in every email asking them to share what they have just read. It could read, “If you like this newsletter, consider forwarding it to a friend” and of course each newsletter should include a link to make signing up a breeze. Your subscribers are one of your greatest allies in promoting your newsletter.

The most successful email newsletters are those that involve a good dose of thought. Not just in the content that goes into each issue, but also in the way it is advertised. If you are creating a newsletter that deserves people’s time, it means it also deserves a thoughtful and careful promotion.

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